Innovation Fund Overview

Calling all RISE high school teachers, counselors, and specialists!  We are eager to support your innovative ideas to prepare all students for college, career, and life success.  RISE and the Dalio Foundation have partnered with to create the RISE Educator Innovation Fund.  The Innovation Fund encourages RISE educators to pursue innovative ideas to support students' on-track achievement to, through, and beyond high school.  The Innovation Fund supports educators in designing, piloting, and sharing ideas to advance our Network goals.

Educators at Platt High School and Maloney High School in Meriden, Career High School in New Haven, East Hartford High School in East Hartford, and Hartford Public High School in Hartford are invited to launch a project through the Innovation Fund.  Educators may submit project proposals for up to $2,000 each in resources and supplies.  Qualifying projects may receive an exclusive match offer.

Please see this overview of the Innovation Fund.

Funds raised

Application Instructions 

RISE educators may submit project proposals and view live projects at  Please find proposal instructions and sample project proposals here.  The application process is summarized below:

  • Register for an account on
  • Identify a need, develop an innovative idea, and submit a proposal aligned to Network goals requesting a total of up to $2,000 in resources per project.  
  • Select “College & Career Prep” as one of your project subject areas before you submit the proposal.

For information and technical assistance, please visit the RISE Educator Innovation Fund webpage or call the RISE help line at 646-681-5454.