Support RISE Student Campaigns

RISE has partnered with Wishbone to encourage students to pursue summer programs aligned to their passions and college and careers goals.  Please access RISE students' campaign pages by clicking on the following school pages:

Wishbone Participation by the Numbers

During the 2017-18 school year, student alumni and advocates across all five RISE high schools encouraged 236 students to apply for Wishbone and 111 students raised funds on individual campaign pages.  Students are pursuing 37 unique programs in more than 6 states this summer.

  • 236 Students Engaged: 236 students expressed interest in Wishbone summer opportunities at information sessions and application workshops.
  • 111 Students Committed: 111 RISE students completed applications and launched Wishbone campaign pages to raise funds for their summer programs.
  • 636 Donations: During the Wishbone fundraising campaign, RISE students and Advocates attracted 636 donations.
  • $84,963 of Scholarships Received: RISE students received $84,963 in scholarships offered by Wishbone and their summer programs.

During the 2016-17 school year, 91 students at all five RISE high schools participated in Wishbone summer programs.