Invest in RISE Educators and Classrooms

RISE and the Dalio Foundation launched the RISE Educator Innovation Fund to empower RISE high school teachers, counselors, and specialists to pursue innovative strategies and classroom projects to advance college and career readiness.  RISE educators continue to demonstrate tremendous creativity and an overwhelming commitment to their students’ achievement through the Innovation Fund.  We continue to be inspired by the volume and quality of ideas generated through the Innovation Fund.

RISE educators have already submitted over 800 projects to the Innovation Fund, raising funds for classroom supplies, technology, student field trips, professional conferences, and visiting speakers and artists.  Projects have attracted donations and support from donors in 41 different states.  For example:

  • At Platt High School, Ms. Roman created a new Free Library.  Mrs. Niles purchased pasta and dough presses for her culinary class.
  • At Nursing Academy, Ms. Slot expanded her classroom library, and Ms. Schumacher launched an afterschool Insanity Live fitness club.
  • At Maloney High School, Mr. T got microbots for his Computer Science class.  Mr. B surprised his ecology students with waders for local field study.
  • At East Hartford High School, Mrs. Abo started a school garden with students.
  • At Career High School, Ms. Murphy started a new student newspaper.

Please consider investing in RISE educators and classrooms! Visit to explore and support live project proposals.