The RISE Network leverages the collective wisdom, diverse experiences and perspectives, and creative ideas of hundreds of educators.  RISE creates a platform for teachers and leaders working tirelessly in their schools and districts to come together to pursue shared goals.  Through collaboration, we review data, share promising practices, pilot new ideas and programs, and solve barriers and challenges.  Our community-building activities are guided by the belief that we amplify our individual and collective impact when we work together to address shared challenges and goals.  Specifically, we build community through:

  • Network-wide convenings held three times per year with all RISE members
  • Monthly RISE Innovation & Learning Cycle meetings
  • Monthly RISE Data Working Group meetings
  • Monthly RISE Educator Advisory Council meetings
  • Visits to RISE high schools with peer observations of promising practices
  • Biannual RISE superintendent retreats
  • Custom-designed professional learning opportunities

RISE is increasingly looking for ways to build community among the 500+ educators and 6,000+ students in RISE high schools.  In fall 2016, the Network launched the RISE Educator Innovation Fund, inviting teachers and specialists to pursue new ideas in their classrooms and schools; so far, more than 100 teachers in RISE high schools have participated in this community of innovators!  Also, we are building community among students by inviting them to discover and pursue their passions through opportunities like Wishbone.