We believe in teachers and leaders as passionate professionals and drivers of student achievement, and schools as the unit of change.  Too often in education, innovation happens to educators through top-down mandates, and there is a tendency to pursue new initiatives and rush to scale before engaging educators and students. Through the RISE Network, we are committed to authentic, collaborative, and evidence-based improvement.  RISE empowers educators to innovate in response to the opportunities and challenges they observe in their classrooms and school communities.  RISE is not a program or initiative; rather, it is a platform to convene educators helping all students access and achieve college and career success.

We learn as a Network, observing the inspiring dedication of RISE educators and the tremendous potential of RISE students. Upon launching the RISE Network, RISE high schools set out to pilot new ideas to promote student engagement, on-track achievement, and college and career readiness. After two years of exploration and continuous learning, RISE high schools came together to identify the most promising practices and collaboratively commit to five strategies to improve student outcomes. 

To dramatically improve student outcomes in five ways, RISE high schools will pursue five core strategies:

1) On-track data teams support educators with information, time, and tools to leverage their expertise.  Collaborative team structures help schools meet the holistic needs of every student.

2) On-track coaching opportunities engage all students in one-on-one goal-setting conferences.  On-Track Coordinators support students through personalized and data-driven coaching.

3) Summer transition programs offer meaningful opportunities to help students navigate transitions to high school and beyond, form strong relationships, and gain confidence and skills to achieve their goals.

4) College and career supports build a culture of post-secondary success by creating meaningful opportunities in Grades 9 through 12 for students to develop and pursue their college and career goals.

5) Educator-inspired innovations receive support from the RISE Innovation Fund through DonorsChoose.org, empowering educators to pilot ideas and share promising practices.

Just as no two students are alike, we understand that every school and every classroom is unique. RISE ensures educators have the tools, resources, and professional learning they need to adapt each strategy to their school culture and needs. Each RISE high school receives targeted support and coaching from a school support team of RISE program and data specialists.