Our efforts to democratize innovation around shared Network goals support our third focus area: improving systems.  Ultimately, RISE members aspire to strengthen school systems to create lasting and scalable improvement.  By piloting data-driven ideas and programs, we identify conditions, systems, and policies that support student achievement.  And to improve outcomes at scale, we look to educators for ways to create enduring systems and structures in schools and districts.

For example, as a Network, RISE high schools are piloting new data systems and practices to systematically monitor student progress and personalize student learning for all students. The Grade 9 Transition Dashboard is a new tool that allows educators to follow students' progress during freshman year. The Sankey diagram clusters students based on their entering 2016-17 data and charts students' trajectories, culminating in their 2017-18 year-end Grade 9 on-track status. This can allow educators to study success stories and plan interventions.

The Grade 9 Transition Dashboard

Grade-level educator teams meet on a weekly basis to discuss individual students' on-track performance.  These strengths-based conversations focus on students' positive connections to school, improvement areas, and strategies to support student success.  Similarly, educators meet individually with students every quarter to provide students with their on-track progress report.  This process empowers students with evidence about their progress toward graduation and college and career readiness, including a review of attendance, course grades, course credits, and college readiness.