Our Mission

The Connecticut RISE Network’s mission is to empower educators to achieve breakthrough results, helping all students realize and achieve their full potential.

Our Network

In 2015, public school teachers and leaders created the RISE Network in partnership with the Dalio Foundation to support educators striving to ensure every high school student graduates college and career ready.  The Network represents a partnership between East Hartford, Meriden, New Haven, and Hartford Public Schools.  RISE districts serve over 60,000 students, representing 10% of Connecticut’s school-aged population and 20% of the state’s low-income students.  The Network's specific focus is around high school-age youth; we are partnering with five high schools across the four districts, representing 6,000+ students and 500+ educators.

Our Approach 

RISE facilitates networked improvement communities, bringing together educators working in different contexts to advance shared goals.  Together, we build community, democratize innovation, and improve systems.

 Build Community  Democratize Innovation Improve Systems

We build community through in-person convenings, working groups, and quarterly Innovation & Learning Cycles.  We democratize innovation by piloting data-driven hypotheses, pursuing new ideas through the RISE Educator Innovation Fund, and implementing the RISE by 5 Strategy.  Through these undertakings, we look for ways to improve school systems and structures, leading to better outcomes for all students.